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income statement questions and answers pdf

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Make assumption wherever necessary. The summary of cash transactions extracted from the books of Happy Ltd.

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Download PDF Here are accounting interview questions for fresher as well as experienced candidates to get their dream job. Accounting is chosen as a profession because: Become a part of an extensive network of professionals. Accept or experience a challenging role. Explore new opportunities. Offers all kinds of career options. Skills needed to work as an accountant are: Excellent at math Strong analytical skills Structured work style Aptitude for technology.

Next Lesson: Closing and Worksheet Problems. PDF Download. Principles of Accounting. Cost Accounting. Principles of Finance.

The following trial balance is prepared after preparation of income statement for F. Green as at 31 March Prepare balance sheet for F. Green as at 31 March in both horizontal and vertical style. In the absence of information about the date of repayment of a liability, then it may be assumed that loan is a non-current liability and a trade payable is a current liability.

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To prepare an income statement generate a trial balance report, calculate your revenue, determine the cost of goods sold, calculate the gross margin, include operating expenses, calculate your income, include income taxes, calculate net income and lastly finalize your income statement with business details and the reporting period. To prepare an income statement, small businesses need to analyze and report their revenues, expenses and the resulting profits or losses, for a specific reporting period. The income statement, also called a profit and loss statement, is one of the major financial statements issued by businesses, along with the balance sheet and cash flow statement. Income statements show how much profit a business generated during a specific reporting period and the amount of expenses incurred while earning revenue. These topics will show you how to prepare an income statement:. How to Write an Income Statement. Sample Income Statement.

In this tutorial we'll learn the purpose of this key accounting report and go over a simple income statement example to learn its format and components. Be sure to take this quiz after finishing the tutorial below. Did you know? Here is the format of a basic income statement:. Very important:. The income statement format above is a basic one - what is known as a "single-step" income statement meaning, just one category of income and one category of expenses and prepared specifically for a service business. And finally, there's a common expense in the example above which we didn't cover in previous lessons: interest paid or "bank charges".

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With the start of a new academic year, we know that finance interviews are again at the forefront of many of your minds. Before we get to accounting questions, here are some interview best practices to keep in mind when getting ready for the big day. Longer answers may lose an interviewer, while giving them additional ammunition to go after you with more complicated question on the same topic.

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