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map and compass basics pdf

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Reading Time: 8 minutes. For an easy day walk in good weather along a well-signposted track in a National Park, a Parks supplied sketch or mud map is sufficient for navigation.

Map reading made easy! For beginners to advanced, adults or teenagers, find all you need to make map reading easy. We've collected some of our top map reading resources all in one place to get you started in this vital outdoor skill. Too easy for you?

How to Use a Map and Compass

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When it comes to hill walking, most of us will have an idea of the most important things to consider when setting out: adequate clothing, food and water, a map, and a mobile phone for emergencies. However, very few avid hikers actually know how to use a compass which is an extremely useful , and sometimes lifesaving, skill when out climbing mountains. Firstly, you might be wondering, why do I actually need to use a compass?

Do people even do that in this day and age? Well, in answer to your questions, you do in fact need a compass when out walking. Should anything happen to your phone, such as the battery dying or a lack of signal, you would be left without any way of navigating accurately. Plus, GPS can be difficult to follow when visibility is poor, whilst an accurate compass bearing will keep you on the right track despite thick fog or rain.

When it comes to walking, running, or cycling, the baseplate or orienteering compass is the most effective and accurate way of reading a map, so we will be discussing this type of compass in this post.

A baseplate compass is made up of around 8 basic features although some high tech ones will have more! For a diagram of these features, the Ordnance Survey has created a guide.

For the purpose of navigation, you need to use grid north and magnetic north you can ignore true north! To take a bearing, you need to identify where you are on the map point A and where you want to go point B. Make sure the map is on a flat surface and line up the edge of your compass with the line between point A and point B, making sure that the direction of travel arrow is pointing towards point B.

When this is done, the orienting lines on the dial should be lined up with the easting lines on the map and the orienting arrow on the dial should be facing to the top of the map. When it comes to accuracy, you need to adjust for the magnetic variation between grid north and magnetic north, which is between 0 to 4 degrees to the west.

Hold the compass flat and near to your body, with the direction of travel arrow pointing straight ahead. Turn yourself and the compass around slowly until the red end of the compass needle lines up with the orienting arrow. The direction of travel arrow will now be pointing towards point B and where you want to go. For a guide with added pictures and a video tutorial visit this page.

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How To Use A Compass Pdf

In addition to the instructions below, here are two simple one-page PDF documents that will show you how to use a basic compass: Using your compass relative to Magnetic North Using your compass relative to True North First, you need to determine your bearing the direction you need to travel. Use the following procedure to obtain an exact travel direction towards your desired destination. The procedure will work if the magnetic North-South lines are drawn on the map. It is here you will make adjustments for declination , if necessary. Makesure that the base plate is in horizontal position, and that the direction arrows are pointing straight ahead. Now that you have determined your necessary bearing, you need to make sure you maintain an accurate bearing. First, you should find a suitable target in the terrain e.


T hey are light weight and take up little space, yet are very dependable and when used in conjunction with and Ordnance Survey map, will ensure you find your way to your destination. With the information on this page, we aim to show you how to correctly use a compass. All compasses include many common features.

The Basics Of Map Reading With A Compass

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