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verbs followed by gerunds and infinitives pdf

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There are certain verbs that can only be followed by one or the other, and these verbs must be memorized. Many of these verbs are listed below.

Gerunds and infinitives.

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Want to read all 2 pages? Gerund or Infinitive One of the difficulties of the English language is that some verbs are followed by the gerund ex : doing and others are followed by the infinitive ex : to do. She likes dancing a lot. Infinitive or gerund exercises. This video shows you when to use a gerund and when to use the infinitive. Subject: Gerunds and infinitives can function b To compose a sonata would take months. Some verbs can be followed by a gerund or an infinitive without causing a change in meaning: Some people prefer getting up early in the morning.

Subject: Gerunds and infinitives can function b To compose a sonata would take months. Submit Close. Basically, you can easily set up simple sentences when you move by subject, verb, and object order. Report "Activity 9 - Gerunds And Infinitives" Please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible. Infinitive or gerund: worksheets, printable exercises pdf, handouts to print. I have adapted to living in the U.


Following a verb gerund or infinitive Both gerunds and infinitives can replace a noun as the object of a verb. Your email address will not be published. They should not be confused with present participles. Read about Infinitive and Gerunds in this article. Grammar resources for esl. Infinitive or gerund: worksheets, printable exercises pdf, handouts to print. Many of these verbs are listed below.

Going to the beach? Playing video games? Hiking walking? Maybe all you want to do is to read comic books. But we used infinitives to describe them. Gerunds and infinitives are very common in the English language.

In English when two verbs come side by side 'to' is placed between them or 'ing' is added to second verb. If there is 'to' between two verbs, we call it INFINITIVE and 'ing' added to second verb it is called GERUND.

List of Verbs Followed by Gerunds or Infinitives

PDF book 1: English tenses exercises. PDF book 2: English grammar exercises. PDF book 3: English grammar rules.

She gave him a fixed look. This is a question of flying or in other words: to fly or not to fly'.

Gerunds & Infinitives PDF Notes, Documents and Exercises with Answers

Put the verb into the correct form: 1. But most of the time, the job gets confused when it … … Mixed Exercises. GI - Gerund with preposition Intermediate.

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    Example: I did my homework before going out. Verbs followed by Gerund. Example: I enjoy cooking. • admit.

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    Knowing which verbs or phrases are followed by gerunds, infinitives or either can be a difficult task. There really are not any clear "rules." One just has to memorize​.

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    Common verbs followed by the gerund: enjoy. I enjoyed living in *We can use an object before the infinitive with these verbs. (Note that 'help' can also be.

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