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colin leys the rise and fall of development theory pdf

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Rise and Fall of Development Theory

Colin Leys has provided an eminently readable, well argued and concise survey of western development theory, which provides much of interest for the initiated and novice alike Any intelligent and open-minded reader is likely to find his critique of rational choice theory, for instance, devastatingly incisive even if remaining sceptical of his claim that Marxism is especially well suited to remedy its deficiencies.

The rise and fall of development theory; Samuel Huntington and the end of classical modernization theory; underdevelopment and dependency; conflict and convergence in development theory; African economic development in theory and practice; the state and the crisis of simple commodity production in Africa; the Kenya debate; the Kenya debate ten years on; from Ghana to Namibia - the meaning of African independence.

Du kanske gillar. Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. This work comments on three decades of development theory, discusses the determinants of the course of its evolution and decline, and exemplifies it from the viewpoint of a leading participant in the debate. Leys suggests that Africa has some lessons to teach about the meaning of uncontrolled capitalist development on a global scale.

North America: Indiana U Press. Market Driven Politics Colin Leys. Recensioner i media.

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The rise and fall of development theory. By. Colin. Leys. London Article PDF first page preview This content is only available as a PDF.

Rise and Fall of Development Theory

He never takes refuge in jargon. Hedemolishes pretentiousness. He is disarmingly honest.

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Unfortunately, in spite of the importance of the question, 'development theory' has returned only partial and conflicting answers to it. The First Theories of Development To see why, it is useful to begin with an owl's eye view of human history over the past 10, years or so since settled agriculture first began to replace hunting and gathering. Agriculture required, but also made possible, an increased specialization of labour, and the development of state apparatuses capable of organizing the defence of cultivated land against outside aggressors and of assuring stability in the increasingly complex social and economic relations on which an agricultural society gradually came to depend. With the establishment of agriculture, then, the process of social evolution greatly accelerated relative to that which had occurred during the preceding 1. The advent of capitalism in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, however, and above all the advent of industrial capitalism in the late eighteenth century, forced the fact of human economic, social, political and cultural development on people's attention. Various thinkers, from Condorcet to Kant, began to conceive of a 'universal history' which would disclose the cumulative pattern and meaning of it all, and its ultimate destination; but the decisive innovators were, of course, Hegel and Marx. Bourgeois society had to be understood historically if it was to be made rational Hegel's idea , or superseded Marx's ; but this understanding, both of them realized, in which capitalist society was seen as the outcome of an evolutionary process stretching back into the mists of time, should also make possible an adequate understanding of earlier societies.

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National Library of Australia. Search the catalogue for collection items held by the National Library of Australia. Leys, Colin. This book is a 'stock-taking' of development theory at the end of the twentieth century. It argues that the assumptions on which development theory has rested since the s no longer hold.


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    Colin Leys, The Rise and Fall of Development Theory. London: Currey, , pp., £, ISBN 0 X (hard covers), £, ISBN 0 1​.

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    Colin Leys has provided an eminently readable, well argued and concise survey of western development theory, which provides much of interest for the initiated and novice alike