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demonic males apes and the origins of human violence pdf

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Demonic Males: Apes and the Origins of Human Violence

Years ago I could hardly contain my repulsion as I watched a group of chimps eating the guts of a screaming monkey. The film was one of a series of British Broadcasting Corporation nature films being shown at an international ethological conference. Only our being ethologists gave us entry into the forbidden world of chimp aggressiveness because the film had been censored to keep public ecological enthusiasm up and running. Who would support conservation efforts after seeing a scene of such cruelty?

The BBC crew assured us that adult chimps normally kill their prey before eating it and that these were young chimps training in the art of hunting.

Or maybe they were just playing with their food? Years later, in the Toronto Zoo, I watched an orangutan mother play with her newborn in a way that looked very much like child abuse.

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Look Inside. What occurred during human evolution to account for this paradox? What are the two kinds of aggression that primates are prone to, and why did each evolve separately? How does the intensity of violence among humans compare with the aggressive behavior of other primates? How did humans domesticate themselves?

Gastronomica 1 February ; 5 1 : 29— Perhaps the first to suggest that humans were cooking as early as 1. Wrangham, Harvard University primatologist and MacArthur Fellow, has been studying the evolution of human cooking. After 25 years of primate research at his site in Kibale, Uganda, Wrangham is best known for explaining the similarity and differences across species of primate social organizations. In particular, he noticed how food changed their interactions with each other. Like that of chimps, human behavior has been affected by food, especially as they shifted from raw to cooked food. Moving from eating food as it was discovered to collecting edibles and cooking them altered our social relationships.

By Richard Wrangham and Dale Peterson. Houghton Mifflin. Why are men aggressive? For centuries, there have been only two explanations: original sin and human culture. Now come Wrangham, professor of anthropology at Harvard University, and Peterson, a professional writer, to offer a third possible explanation: the biological heritage we humans share with the great apes.

DEMONIC MALES: Apes and the Origins of Human Violence

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The Goodness Paradox

Intercommunity coalitionary killing of adult and adolescent males has been documented in two chimpanzee communities in the wild, and it was strongly suspected in a third. Lethal coalitionary attacks by males on other male members of their own communities would not provide these benefits and are not expected, given the importance of cooperation among male community members in contests for dominance rank and in both defense and offense against neighboring males. Nevertheless, intracommunity coalitionary killings associated with struggles for alpha rank occur in the wild and in captivity, and observers have seen serious gang attacks on maturing adolescent and young adult males at Mahale and Budongo: the victim in the Budongo case was killed Fawcett and Muhumuza, I describe a lethal attack on a young adult male by a large coalition of males from his community at Ngogo, Kibale National Park, Uganda. The Ngogo community is the largest known for chimpanzees and has an unusually large number of males.

Demonic Males: Apes and the Origins of Human Violence is a book by Richard Wrangham and Dale Peterson examining the evolutionary factors leading to human male violence. Demonic Males begins by explaining that humans , chimpanzees , bonobos , gorillas , and orangutans are a group of genetically related great apes , that humans are genetically closer to chimps than chimps are to gorillas, and that chimps and bonobos are most closely genetically related. After speculating about what enabled humans' ancestors to leave the rainforest the use of roots as sources of water and food , Demonic Males next provides a catalog of the types of violence practiced by male chimpanzees intragroup hierarchical violence, violence against females, and extragroup murdering raids. The high incidence of rape by nonalpha male orangutans and infanticide by male gorillas are also cited as examples of our mutual genetic heritage. The authors present chimp society as extremely patriarchal, in that no adult male chimpanzee is subordinate to any female of any rank. They present evidence that most dominant human civilizations have always been likewise behaviorally patriarchal, and that male humans share male chimpanzees' innate propensity for dominance, gratuitous violence, war, rape, and murder.

Book Reviews. Demonic Males: Apes and the Origins of Human Violence, by Richard. Wrangham and Dale Peterson. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin,

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But killing was the reason we were in Africa. Dale Peterson and I were exploring the deep origins of human violence, back to the time before our species diverged from rainforest apes, 5 to 6 million years ago. Not only ancestral to humans, those early rainforest apes were also part of a genetic line now represented by the four modern great ape species: orangutans, gorillas, chimpanzees, and bonobos. Both of us had already observed orangutans in Borneo and gorillas and chimpanzees in Africa, but neither of us had yet seen the fourth and rarest ape, the bonobo, in the wild. To get to the bonobos, we first had to reach Bukavu, a town on the eastern side of Zaire, just across the border from Rwanda. In Bukavu, we would pick up a single-engine plane and fly west for three hours across a sea of forest until, having passed more than halfway across the continent, we would find an airstrip and a little town isolated in that great green world.

What makes humans unique? What makes us the most successful animal species inhabiting the Earth today? Most scientists agree that the key to our success is the unusually large size of our brains. Our large brains gave us our exceptional thinking capacity and led to humans' other distinctive characteristics, including advanced communication, tool use, and walking on two legs. Or was it the other way around?

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АНБ. - Никогда о таком не слышал. Беккер заглянул в справочник Управления общей бухгалтерской отчетности США, но не нашел в нем ничего похожего. Заинтригованный, он позвонил одному из своих партнеров по теннису, бывшему политологу, перешедшему на службу в Библиотеку конгресса.

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Это означало, что тот находится на рабочем месте. Несмотря на субботу, в этом не было ничего необычного; Стратмор, который просил шифровальщиков отдыхать по субботам, сам работал, кажется, 365 дней в году. В одном Чатрукьян был абсолютно уверен: если шеф узнает, что в лаборатории систем безопасности никого нет, это будет стоить молодому сотруднику места. Чатрукьян посмотрел на телефонный аппарат и подумал, не позвонить ли этому парню: в лаборатории действовало неписаное правило, по которому сотрудники должны прикрывать друг друга.

Это было его местью. Она посвятила Дэвида в некоторые секреты криптографии и, желая держать его в состоянии полной готовности к неожиданностям, посылала ему записки, зашифрованные не слишком сложным образом. Список необходимых покупок, любовные признания - все приходило к нему в зашифрованном виде. Это была игра, и со временем Дэвид стал неплохим шифровальщиком. А потом решил отплатить ей той же монетой.

В 1945 году, когда Энсей еще не родился, его мать вместе с другими добровольцами поехала в Хиросиму, где работала в одном из ожоговых центров. Там она и стала тем, кого японцы именуют хибакуся - человеком, подвергшимся облучению. Через девятнадцать лет, в возрасте тридцати шести лет, она лежала в родильном отделении больницы, страдая от внутреннего кровотечения, и знала, что умирает. Она не знала лишь того, что смерть избавит ее от еще большего ужаса: ее единственный ребенок родится калекой.

Chapte 1 of Demonic Males (chap1-demonic-males)

Вот Танкадо вышел на открытое место и залюбовался открывшимся перед ним зрелищем. Он козырьком поднес руку к глазам и стал разглядывать шпили над внушительным фасадом.

Он уходил корнями в давние времена. В эпоху Возрождения скульпторы, оставляя изъяны при обработке дорогого мрамора, заделывали их с помощью сеrа, то есть воска. Статуя без изъянов, которую не нужно было подправлять, называлась скульптурой sin cera, иными словами - без воска. С течением времени это выражение стало означать нечто честное, правдивое. Английское слово sincere, означающее все правдивое и искреннее, произошло от испанского sin сега - без воска.

Северная Дакота. - Северная Дакота. Разумеется, это кличка. - Да, но я на всякий случай заглянул в Интернет, запустив поиск по этим словам.

Хейл сдавил горло Сьюзан. - Выпустите меня, или она умрет. Тревор Стратмор заключил в своей жизни достаточно сделок, когда на кону были высочайшие ставки, чтобы понимать: Хейл взвинчен и крайне опасен. Молодой криптограф загнал себя в угол, а от противника, загнанного в угол, можно ожидать чего угодно: он действует отчаянно и непредсказуемо. Стратмор знал, что его следующий шаг имеет решающее значение.


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    Years ago I could hardly contain my repulsion as I watched a group of chimps eating the guts of a screaming monkey.