Effects Of Heavy Metals On The Absorbance And Reflectance Spectra Of Plants Horler Pdf

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effects of heavy metals on the absorbance and reflectance spectra of plants horler pdf

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D Corresponding author.

Arsenic contamination is a serious problem in rice cultivated soils of many developing countries. Hence, it is critical to monitor and control arsenic uptake in rice plants to avoid adverse effects on human health. This study evaluated the feasibility of using reflectance spectroscopy to monitor arsenic in rice plants. Reflectance spectra of upper fully expanded leaves were acquired over visible and infrared NIR wavelengths. Further, sensitivity of various vegetative indices VIs to arsenic levels was assessed.

Reflectance Spectroscopy as a Tool for Monitoring Contaminated Soils

Soil Contamination. Soil reflectance spectroscopy is a well-known technique to assess soil properties rapidly and quantitatively in both point spectroscopy and spatial imaging spectroscopy IS domains. The quantitative approach has been developed in the past two decades by many researchers, with much literature on the topic. Basically, this approach was adopted from other disciplines e. Soil contamination is an ever-growing concern, and a reliable and environmentally friendly method is needed to rapidly detect and monitor soil contaminants at any stage for the diagnosis of suspected contaminated areas, as well as for controlling rehabilitation processes. Conventional methods for investigating soil contamination based on point sampling and chemical analysis are time-consuming, costly and sometimes incorporate the use of environmentally damaging chemicals. Soil reflectance spectroscopy is a promising tool for the efficient detection and monitoring of soil contaminants.

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Correlograms of leaf-metal concentration and reflectance values show highest degrees of overall correlation for visible, near-infrared, and water-sensitive wavelengths. Partial least square and multiple linear regression statistical models cross-validated , respectively, based on Savitzky—Golay filter first-order derivative spectra and combination of spectral feature such as vegetation indices and band depths yielded good prediction of leaf-metal concentrations. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Rent this article via DeepDyve. Abdi, H. Partial least square regression PLS regression. In Lewis-Beck, T.

Evaluating Leaf and Canopy Reflectance of Stressed Rice Plants to Monitor Arsenic Contamination

Industrial accidents, such as the Fukushima and Chernobyl disasters, release harmful chemicals into the environment, covering large geographical areas. Natural flora may serve as biological sensors for detecting metal contamination, such as cesium. Spectral detection of plant stresses typically employs a few select wavelengths and often cannot distinguish between different stress phenotypes. In this study, we apply hyperspectral reflectance imaging in the visible and near-infrared along with multivariate curve resolution MCR analysis to identify unique spectral signatures of three stresses in Arabidopsis thaliana : salt, copper, and cesium. While all stress conditions result in common stress physiology, hyperspectral reflectance imaging and MCR analysis produced unique spectral signatures that enabled classification of each stress.

Effects of heavy metals on the absorbance and reflectance spectra of plants. D. N. H. Horler, J. Barber & A. R. Barringer. Pages

Reflectance Spectroscopy as a Tool for Monitoring Contaminated Soils

Assessing leaf spectral properties of Phragmites australis impacted by acid mine drainage. Heidi van Deventer; Moses A. The impact of raw and treated mine water or contaminated soil on wetland vegetation often manifests in growth inhibition and reduction of foliar pigments and nutrient levels. Surveying the impact on wetland vegetation or underlying soils can be difficult and expensive considering the cost of laboratory analysis of samples. The potential of field spectroscopy for detecting the impact of mine water on wetland vegetation was examined by assessing 1 whether there was a significant difference in leaf spectra between sites receiving mine water and a non-impacted control site and 2 whether there was a gradation of vegetation condition downstream from the decanting site.

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