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The authors proposed an original theoretical concept which was verified during field research carried out in in seven European cities. They agreed that decay — understood as a multidimensional form of transformation that changes the spatial structure of a city, its urban layout, buildings, economy, community, culture, art — has been present in cities since the beginning of their foundation, and that it appears periodically.

Urban regeneration in cities policy : inflection between fordism and postfordism. Urbana [online]. ISSN This paper will initially foreground some considerations about the definition of the concept of urban regeneration, presenting a review of the scientific literature about the origin of the concept and placing it in relation to other "re" phenomena and processes that have emerged as trends in the urban space: reurbanization, revitalization, restructuring, recomposition, renewal, rehabilitation, requalification etc. Within this problematization, the evolution of the concept throughout the last five decades will also be addressed, according to various changes in the socio-economic and political-ideological context of urban space, from fordism to post-fordism, bearing in mind the main key actors and stakeholders as well as the leading strategies and concerns in urban politics.

There are people living here: Exploring urban renewal and public housing

Quick jump to page content. Published: Sep 15, John Y. Abstract This paper examines land use changes and urban regeneration activities in the central area of Jos, Nigeria; the processes and forces driving those changes. The central area has been expanding into adjacent streets over the past nearly two decades due to increased pressure for commercial and retail space resulting from the fire incident that burnt the Jos Main Market in February and increase in the urban population. The research employed positivist and interpretivist approaches, where qualitative and quantitative methods were used to collect data.

Assessment of urban regeneration activities in the central area of Jos town, Nigeria

Abstract: Urban regeneration is a natural outcome of urbanization. Key words: urban management, urban policy, urban regeneration, urbanization. Urban regeneration: A handbook. Contemporary Deindustrializaton and Tertiarisation in the London Economy. A Comparison to the City. The new urban frontier: gentrification and the revanchist city. A reappraisal of gentrification: towards a geography of gentrification.

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Policy and practice of urban neighbourhood renewal and regeneration : what can China learn from British experiences? Metadata Show full item record. Abstract Urban neighbourhood renewal and regeneration have a long history in Western industrialised societies like Britain. The renewal or regeneration strategies, visions, approaches and implementations often reflect the particular political, economic, social and cultural contexts of each development period.

Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Urban Renewal Theory and Practice. About About this book Chapters Table of contents 8 chapters About this book Introduction Intended for students of surveying, town planning, architecture and related subjects, this book provides an introduction to the theory and practical experience of urban renewal. It will also appeal to people and organisations, whether from the state or local communities, that wish to intervene in the 'natural' market-led process of urban renewal in order to modify the outcome in some way. The author begins with a historical review of urban renewal before going on to examine the economic and social context of modern renewal policy.

Urban renewal

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Urban Renewal: Theory And Practice

Urban renewal also called urban regeneration in the United Kingdom and urban redevelopment in the United States [1] is a program of land redevelopment often used to address urban decay in cities. Urban renewal is the clearing out of blighted areas in inner cities to clear out slums and create opportunities for higher class housing, businesses, and more. A primary purpose of urban renewal is to restore economic viability to a given area by attracting external private and public investment and by encouraging business start-ups and survival. Modern attempts at renewal began in the late 19th century in developed nations, and experienced an intense phase in the late s under the rubric of reconstruction.

A discussion paper and six information sheets that raise challenging questions about who has the power and who benefits in urban renewal; what does the research evidence really say about social mix; the effects of stigma and how social justice might be advanced in communities. Info sheet 1. Urban renewal - what's it all about? The way we talk about disadvantaged communities and why it matters pdf Info sheet 3. The evidence base for social mix pdf Info sheet 4. Who benefits from urban renewal - The process and its consequences pdf Info sheet 5.

Urban Land Economics and Public Policy, fourth edition P. N. Balch in, j. L. Kieve and G. H. Bull. Urban Renewal- Theory and Practice Chris Couch. ]CT.

Urban Renewal

Journal of Urban Regeneration and Renewal is the essential peer-reviewed journal for all professionals concerned with physical, economic and social regeneration of urban communities. It publishes in-depth articles and real-world case studies on the latest strategy, policy-making and current and best practice in the field. Guided by its expert Editor and Editorial Board, each quarterly page issue does not publish advertising but rather in-depth articles written by and for urban regeneration professionals analysing current and best practice in the planning, consultation, funding, delivery and long-term management of regeneration programmes, as well as the latest policy-making, developments and research in the field.

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