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Communism , political and economic doctrine that aims to replace private property and a profit-based economy with public ownership and communal control of at least the major means of production e. Communism is thus a form of socialism —a higher and more advanced form, according to its advocates. Communism is a political and economic system that seeks to create a classless society in which the major means of production, such as mines and factories, are owned and controlled by the public.

H enk Sneevliet was a founder-activist of three Communist movements—the Dutch, Indonesian and Chinese—and played a prominent role in the early years of the Communist International. Arguably no other socialist of the period had such a creative and active internationalist career. His profound understanding and sympathy for Asian nationalism and his direct experience in the Communist movements in China and Indonesia made Sneevliet an unparalleled figure in the early Comintern. After the death of Lenin in and the increasing subjection of the Comintern to Russian national and state interests, Sneevliet broke decisively with Moscow, and founded one of the few independent Marxist parties with popular support outside the Third International in the thirties: the Dutch Revolutionary Socialist Party.

Mortality and life expectancy in post-communist countries

The proletariat is that class in society which lives entirely from the sale of its labor and does not draw profit from any kind of capital; whose weal and woe, whose life and death, whose sole existence depends on the demand for labor — hence, on the changing state of business, on the vagaries of unbridled competition. The proletariat, or the class of proletarians, is, in a word, the working class of the 19th century. There have always been poor and working classes; and the working class have mostly been poor. But there have not always been workers and poor people living under conditions as they are today; in other words, there have not always been proletarians, any more than there has always been free unbridled competitions. The Proletariat originated in the industrial revolution, which took place in England in the last half of the last 18th century, and which has since then been repeated in all the civilized countries of the world. This industrial revolution was precipitated by the discovery of the steam engine, various spinning machines, the mechanical loom, and a whole series of other mechanical devices. These machines, which were very expensive and hence could be bought only by big capitalists, altered the whole mode of production and displaced the former workers, because the machines turned out cheaper and better commodities than the workers could produce with their inefficient spinning wheels and handlooms.

The introduction was written by Courtois. The Black Book of Communism has been translated into numerous languages, sold millions of copies and is at the same time considered one of the most influential and controversial books written about the history of communism in the 20th century, [3] : in particular the history of the Soviet Union and other Communist states and state socialist regimes. The authors use the term Communism to mean Leninist and Marxist—Leninist communism , [8] : ix—x i. Communism predated fascism and Nazism, outlived both, and left its mark on four continents. Courtois states that "[w]e must make a distinction between the doctrine of communism and its practice.

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Professor Brzezinski is looking at the same phenomena as are other knowledgeable observers of the communist world, but his gaze is not on this or that leader, on today's or tomorrow's reform, but on the Big Picture. What he sees is the ideology and the system-not just the Stalinist excess but the Leninist essence as well-in inexorable and now rapid decline. If reform and revisionism Gorbachev is a true revisionist succeed in producing the goods, they will erode the controlled one-party state; if they fail, current problems will be compounded. Either way, communism is approaching its end as a significant world phenomenon. This is a book written for a wide public with the author's customary self-confidence, verve and iron logic. Intended as a bombshell, it will provoke much discussion and dissent from both right and left. It raises some pertinent questions.

Professor Brzezinski is looking at the same phenomena as are other knowledgeable observers of the communist world, but his gaze is not on this or that leader.

The Principles of Communism

The Bolsheviks, organized in , were led by Vladimir I. Lenin , and they argued for a tightly disciplined organization of professional revolutionaries who were governed by democratic centralism and were dedicated to achieving the dictatorship of the proletariat. The Communist Party arose in opposition to both capitalism and the socialists of the Second International who had supported their capitalist governments during World War I.

The transition to the market economy and democracy in Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union countries in the s caused a dramatic increase in mortality, shortened life expectancy, and led to depopulation.

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The Principles of Communism

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