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artificial muscles from fishing line and sewing thread pdf

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An international team led by The University of Texas at Dallas has discovered that ordinary fishing line and sewing thread can be cheaply converted to powerful artificial muscles. The new muscles can lift a hundred times more weight and generate a hundred times higher mechanical power than the same length and weight of human muscle. Per weight, they can generate 7. The powerful muscles are produced by twisting and coiling high-strength polymer fishing line and sewing thread. The muscles are powered thermally by temperature changes, which can be produced electrically, by the absorption of light or by the chemical reaction of fuels. Twisting the polymer fiber converts it to a torsional muscle that can spin a heavy rotor to more than 10, revolutions per minute. Subsequent additional twisting, so that the polymer fiber coils like a heavily twisted rubber band, produces a muscle that dramatically contracts along its length when heated, and returns to its initial length when cooled.


These artificial muscles utilize non-coiled or coiled yarns and can be either neat or comprising a guest. Devices comprising these artificial muscles are also described. Patent Appl. These patent applications are hereby incorporated by reference in their entirety for all purposes. This invention was made with government support under Grant Nos.

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Biomedical Journal of Scientific & Technical Research

The application claims priority under 35 U. A field of the invention is artificial muscles. Applications of the invention include any application in which actuators are used, and especially in applications where low weight, fine motion and high contractile work are required, including, for example, robotics and prosthetics.

Artificial muscles , also known as muscle -like actuators , are materials or devices that mimic natural muscle and can change their stiffness, reversibly contract, expand, or rotate within one component due to an external stimulus such as voltage, current, pressure or temperature.

Muscles made from thread

Citation: AIP Advances 5, ; doi: Fabrication and characterization of silver- and copper-coated Nylon 6 forcespun nanofibers by thermal evaporation. Multi-functional dielectric elastomer artificial muscles for soft and smart machines J.

Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. High-performance robotic muscles from conductive nylon sewing thread Abstract: Natural muscles exhibit high power-to-weight ratios, inherent compliance and damping, fast actuation and high dynamic ranges. Unfortunately, traditional robotic actuators have been unable to attain similar properties, especially in a slender muscle-like form factor. Recently, super-coiled polymer SCP actuators have rejuvenated the promise of an artificial muscle.

Artificial muscle

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    Toward an Artificial Muscle In designing materials for artificial muscles, the goals are to find those that will combine high strokes, high efficiency, long cycle life.