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Most social work in western European countries is currently delivered within the context of the welfare state, whose origins can be traced back to the work of Sir William Henry Beveridge at the time of the Second World War. Beveridge was born in in India, at that time part of the British Empire. He studied law at Oxford University where he became fascinated by early forms of social security, rapidly turning into an authority on pensions and unemployment benefits. At the beginning of the twentieth century, his thinking already had an impact on the development of a national insurance scheme and influenced policy on poverty in the UK. Soon after the First World War, he was knighted.


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The Roots of Public Pensions Provision: Social Insurance and the Beveridge Plan

T he Great Depression exposed many weaknesses of modern industrialized society. In the war years, memories of the poverty and unemployment of the Depression inspired many people to propose new social welfare policies that would soften the effects of severe economic problems in the future. Throughout his life, Sir William Henry Beveridge worked on issues surrounding poverty. As a young man he worked in a housing development for the poor. After a period of work in the government, he later became Director of the London School of Economics before moving to Oxford University in , where he wrote his most famous report, Social Insurance and Allied Services , or the Beveridge Report

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Unit 15 - Allied Services

Published in the midst of World War II , the report promised rewards for everyone's sacrifices. Overwhelmingly popular with the public, it formed the basis for the post-war reforms known as the Welfare State, which include the expansion of National Insurance and the creation of the National Health Service. On 10 June Arthur Greenwood , the Labour MP and Minister without Portfolio , announced the creation of an inter-departmental committee which would carry out a survey of Britain's social insurance and allied services:.

You are now leaving this website and being directed to the specific California government resource or website that you have requested. CalHR accepts no responsibility for the content or accessibility of external websites or external documents linked to on this website. Allied Services: Employees providing custodial, food, laundry, and other basic services to maintain a proper physical environment for state facilities.

Social insurance and allied services. 1942.

The Inter-departmental Committee on Social Insurance and Allied Services were appointed in June, , by the Minister without Portfolio, then responsible for the consideration of reconstruction problems. For the reasons stated below in-paragraph 40 the duty of recommendation was confined later to the Chairman of the Committee. The schemes of social insurance and allied services which the Inter-departmental Committee have been called on to survey have grown piece-meal. That Act, applying in the first instance to a limited number of occupations, was made general in Compulsory health insurance began in Unemployment insurance began for a few industries in and was made general in The first Pensions Act, giving non-contributory pensions subject to a means test at the age of 70, was passed in

The Inter-Departmental Committee, led by Sir William Beveridge, had been tasked with reviewing the operation of social insurance schemes and making recommendations on ways of bringing them together. The final report, known as the Beveridge report , was published on 2 December The final recommendations were representative of Beveridge's own views. At the heart of Beveridge's plan was the creation of a compulsory social insurance scheme, which would provide a level of non-means tested benefit in return for contributions. The insurance scheme would be supported by allowances for dependent children, the establishment of comprehensive health and rehabilitation services and the avoidance of mass-unemployment ie through central government action to promote employment opportunities. There was a specific focus on older people and proposals for a more comprehensive pension to be paid in retirement. Though widely considered a founding father of the NHS, Beveridge said very little about health services, seeing them as a means to a productive economy.


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Don't have an account? William Beveridge and his Report on Social Insurance and Allied Services of continue to occupy a pivotal position in the history of social security provision not only in Britain and Europe but also in the wider world into the twenty-first century. This chapter examines why the Beveridge Plan and its ideas were so popular and seemingly so authoritative. Although Beveridge's long public career in social policy had been mainly concerned with the quite different sphere of unemployment insurance, his ideas about old-age pensions did not spring from nowhere in , but dated back to the year In , he became a personal adviser to Winston Churchill at the Board of Trade, where he was instrumental in inserting many of his ideas about social insurance into the unemployment provisions of the National Insurance Act of At the time of his appointment as chairman of the Social Insurance Committee in June , Beveridge had almost no specialist knowledge of pensions administration or pensions finance. British Academy Scholarship Online requires a subscription or purchase to access the full text of books within the service.

Beveridge Report

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