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contemporary issues and chalamge of pakistan pdf

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COVID-19 and its Challenges for the Healthcare System in Pakistan

Address for correspondence. IT has revolutionized the social and organizational life around the globe. Given the newness of IT as a technology, there is a lot of potential that needs to be explored. It is however, argued that as IT can revolutionize the economic development, by the same coin, although its mismanagement in adoption process can end up in problems or even straight failure of the technology at the business-end. This study was conducted with reference to opportunities and challenges in the IT adoption process in Pakistan.

Pakistan is facing a serious challenge to ensure all children, particularly the most disadvantaged, attend, stay and learn in school. Disparities based on gender, socio-economic status, and geography are significant; in Sindh, 52 percent of the poorest children 58 percent girls are out of school, and in Balochistan, 78 percent of girls are out of school. Nearly Gaps in service provision at all education levels is a major constraint to education access. Socio-cultural demand-side barriers combined with economic factors and supply-related issues such as availability of school facility , together hamper access and retention of certain marginalized groups, in particular adolescent girls. Putting in place a credible data system and monitoring measures to track retention and prevent drop-out of out-of-school children is still a challenge.

The Current Situation in Pakistan

Moreover, due to violations of the lockdown and standard operating procedures SOPs , the rapidly increasing number of cases created a burden on the healthcare system. More and more, this pandemic and its impact have grown. Moreover, Pakistan has limited testing capacity, so most COVID tests are missing their mark even as the virus spreads. The current scenario is also raising several concerns about the capacity of the government to tackle the prevailing healthcare crisis. In this regard, healthcare professionals suggest that the government must act responsibly to ensure better security provided to healthcare professionals.

The Current Situation in Pakistan

A social issue is a problem that influences many citizens within a society. It is a group of common problem in present-day society and one that many people strive to solve. It is often the consequence of factors extending beyond an individual's control.

With an urban population growing three percent per year, Pakistanis are flocking to cities faster than any other country in South Asia. Migrants are attracted to cities for better jobs and improved access to basic services. Urban poverty is on the rise, with one in eight urban dwellers living below the poverty line. Pakistani cities — inhabited by 38 percent of the population — make up around 55 percent of total GDP.

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The challenge of internet rights in Pakistan

Pakistan continues to face multiple sources of internal and external conflict. While incidences of domestic terrorism have reduced, in part due to measures taken by the Pakistani state, extremism and intolerance of diversity has grown. There is some recognition by the state that instead of merely kinetic responses holistic counterterrorism policies are needed to counteract this trend.

Pakistan has been lurching from one crisis to another thanks to its geo-political importance, political instability, economic problems, cultural conservatism and religious extremism. Added to that are frequent natural disasters, a seemingly unsolvable energy crisis, rising unemployment and rampant inflation. Social, political and economic development has also been slowed by the seemingly intractable tensions with India on the Eastern border. Pakistan lags behind much of the world on almost all socio-development indicators health, education, income, gender equality on the Human Development Index. The prevalence of dictatorial regimes has also taken a toll on the basic human rights and freedoms guaranteed in the constitution. Such is the power of conservative forces in the country that even self-proclaimed progressive and liberal political parties have to follow the agenda set by them.

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Events of Human Judgment and Responsibility in the Age of Technology. Changing the Terms of Engagement with Silicon Valley. It was the second consecutive constitutional transfer of power from one civilian government to another in Pakistan. In the campaign, Khan pledged to make economic development and social justice a priority.