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advantages and disadvantages of individual decision making pdf

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Group decision-making is a situation faced when individuals collectively make a choice from the alternatives.

Decision making is simply a process used by managers in taking action for solving the problem. It is an integral part of the management system of a company which aims at improving efficiency. Decision making is the one through which managers are able to take right decisions at right time. Taking decisions is the core part of every organization management team. If any decision is taken wrong then it would be having negative consequences on the organisation.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Decision Making

There are many ways to make a decision in a group environment, whether you find yourself in a personal or professional situation. One of the most popular methods to use is the group decision-making method. Instead of forcing one person into a leadership role where they decide for everyone, this process gives a topic to an entire group where a fusion of each opinion and set of experiences allows for a collective decision to occur. When group decision making is the processed used to create forward momentum, then the final outcome cannot be changed by a single member of the group. Everyone must come together, no matter how much or little they agree with the eventual decision, to implement or overturn the choices being made in each scenario. Group decisions must consist of at least two people, but it is a process that does not have an upper limit.

Individual Decision Making - Pros and Cons

Advantages of Centralization. Rational and Incremental Policy Making An analysis of rational and incremental approaches to policy development and implementation. Similarly, in a centralized government structure, the decision-making authority is concentrated at the top, and all other lower levels follow the directions coming from the top of the organization structure. Rational decisions seek to optimize or maximize utility. Group decision making is the process of arriving at a judgment based upon the feedback of multiple individuals.

An individual cannot have all the information that is available to a group as it consists of several individuals. ADVERTISEMENTS: 2. Diversity of views: A group​.

Group Decision Making: Definition, Advantages, Disadvantages, Strengths, Weaknesses, Techniques

When it comes to decision making, are two heads better than one? The answer to this question depends on several factors. Group decision making has the advantages of drawing from the experiences and perspectives of a larger number of individuals. Hence, they have the potential to be more creative and lead to a more effective decision.

Group decision-making is a process where an assembly of people convene to analyse problems or situations, evaluate alternative actions and reach solutions. Decisions may concern the judgement of a particular course of action, how best to solve a problem or the determination of the direction or magnitude of work ahead performed by teams or individuals. Deciding the best course of action can range in perplexity, depending on the effectiveness of how that group functions, the quality of alternatives that are generated, the amount of access to correct and adequate information and their understanding of the problem. Where time is of the essence and also befits the personification of money, it is customary for a business or organisation to engage in Group Decision-Making processes in the attempt to effectively and efficiently solve problems.

Group Vs. Individual Decision Making for a Business

At first glance, individual decision-making in organizational behavior is just as simple as the phrase implies. When consdidering individual versus group decision-making, a group decision is one made by several people, while an individual decision is made by one person. But, as is often the case in business, the issue is far from that simple.

Individuals have a tendency to think and question before performing. Individual decision making has certain pros and cons, few of which are mentioned below:. An individual generally makes prompt decisions. While a group is dominated by various people, making decision-making very time consuming. Moreover assembling group members consumes lot of time. Individuals do not escape responsibilities. They are accountable for their acts and performance.

An individual cannot have all the information that is available to a group as it consists of several individuals. A group always has the advantage of varied views. This is because a group always has more than one member, and since every member is unique, there is bound to be a variety in their views also. This is also the reason why there are varied approaches to solving a problem. As group decisions tend to cover a greater area, they provide a better insight for decision-making.

benefits as well as some disadvantages. Advantages of Group Decisions: – Group decisions help to combine. individual strengths of the group.

17 Advantages and Disadvantages of Group Decision Making


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