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shoulder rehabilitation strategies guidelines and practice pdf

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It is the ability to detect body positioning and movement, as well as force and velocity, in the absence of visual feedback.

Rehabilitation and Return to Sports After Conservative and Surgical Treatment of Shoulder Injuries

The shoulder relies predominantly on dynamic muscular control to provide stability. Successful treatment is highly dependent upon the correct clinical diagnosis, identification of anatomical structural defects and abnormal movement patterns so that rehabilitation programs can be designed accordingly and individualised to the patient. A systematic outline is provided to guide the clinician on how to identify muscular insufficiencies both local to the shoulder joint and global muscles that can influence shoulder instability. Management is based on expert experience and current literature. The Stanmore classification helps to correctly diagnose the type of instability and prioritise management. Symptom modification tests can help to guide management, however assessing individual muscle groups local to glenohumeral control is also recommended.

Sports Injuries pp Cite as. Overhead athletes are susceptible to acute as well as chronic shoulder injury, compromising their ability to fully compete. This chapter describes science-based guidelines for shoulder rehabilitation in the overhead athlete, focusing on rotator cuff exercises, scapular muscle training, implementation of kinetic chain variables into functional exercises in sport-specific conditions, and stretching of the posterior shoulder structures. In addition, clinical return-to-play criteria and suggestions for preventive screening and exercise programs are described. Skip to main content.

In competitive swimming, athletes undergo large mileage of daily training, in which 70 percent of the total propelling force is produced by upper limbs. As such, a shoulder rotators imbalance is created, as reported in competitive swimming Batalha et al. Swimming requires a large range of motion of the shoulders, with emphasis on circumduction movements that have varying degrees of internal and external rotation and scapular protraction and retraction Tovin, The shoulder rotator muscles play a key role in mobility and stability of the glenohumeral joint. A slight imbalance in the relationship between the internal rotators IR and the external rotators ER of the shoulder, may result in dysfunctions or joint damage Batalha et al. This is due to a significant increase in IR strength, with no concurrent increase in ER strength Batalha et al. In a recent study, Batalha et al.

Kinetic Chain Rehabilitation: A Theoretical Framework

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This framework for rehabilitation is consistent with the proximal-to-distal kinetic chain biomechanical model and applies current concepts of motor control and closed chain exercises. This framework approaches the final goal--glenohumeral motion and function-through facilitation by scapular control, and scapular control through facilitation by hip and trunk activation. This article supplies guidelines for rehabilitation and practices to implement the guidelines that have proved effective in our hands. Other protocols may be effective, as long as they adhere to several basic concepts of kinetic chain-based shoulder rehabilitation: 1. Functional shoulder rehabilitation requires that the muscle activations and joint motions follow a proximal-to-distal pathway along the appropriate kinetic chain.

Welcome to our news. Dislocations, which are suitable after operation, should start rehabilitation at 2 weeks unless otherwise directed. Specific interventions should be based on the needs of the individual and should consider exam findings and clinical decision making. Individual variations will occur based on patient tolerance and response to treatment. An X-ray of your shoulder joint will show the dislocation and may reveal broken bones or other damage to your shoulder joint.

Shoulder rehabilitation can best be understood and implemented as the practical application of biomechanical and muscle activation guidelines to the repaired.

Shoulder Rehabilitation Guidelines

Sequenced physiologic muscle activations in the upper and lower extremity result in an integrated biomechanical task. This sequencing is known as the kinetic chain, and, in upper extremity dominant tasks, the energy development and output follows a proximal to distal sequencing. When deficits exist in the preceding links, they can negatively affect the shoulder.

Shoulder -elbow exoskeleton as rehabilitation exerciser. This paper presents a 2 degree of freedom exoskeleton designed for the rehabilitation of the shoulder and elbow movement in the sagittal plane; a semi-portable design strategy was chosen, which enables an easy attachment to a standard medical chair as well as the patient upper limb. A dedicated driver enables the control from a graphical user interface, which also provides the option of customized rehabilitation exercises. The potential of future improvements is assessed, and recommendations of research direction are made in order to broaden the usability of the proposed device.

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Shoulder rehabilitation strategies, guidelines, and practice

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