Trekking In The Dolomites Alta Via 1 And Alta Via 2 Pdf

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trekking in the dolomites alta via 1 and alta via 2 pdf

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Safe holiday in Cortina Find out more. Alpine path of the Dolomites no. Show all. The route, the first, the most classic and the most famous of the great Dolomite itineraries, consists of 12 stages and connects several municipalities and regions, starting from Lake Braies and arriving in Belluno. The itinerary can be divided up into three distinct parts:.

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The Alta Via 1 trek is Italy's highlight long-distance hiking trail and leads awe-struck hikers through the Dolomites from north to south. This route is famous, and for very good reason. Along the way are a multitude of comfortable mountain huts. What makes this tour truly stand out is the World War I history, as it passes by former battlefields, fortification remnants, and other clues that this serene environment was not always so peaceful. We recommend doing some reading on World War I history in the Dolomites before the tour, to make it that much more interesting. There are multiple variations to the Alta Via 1, and we have chosen primarily routes that are comfortable for most hikers, meaning minimum exposure.

Alpine path of the Dolomites no.1

I have made reservations at 9 rifugios and am now searching for the correct Tobacco maps to order - ie. The Cicerone guidebook is very good. Therealso exists an excellent, free guidebook in English which used to be available on line, but for reasons beyond me appears to be no longer available. If you wish to get it, send me you email address by PM and I will send you the pdf. Hi there, I was wondering if you'd mind sending me the pdf of the Alta Via 1 also? I'd really appreciate it. I am away for an extended period for work reasons I am a professional mountain hiking guide.

Trekking in the Dolomites

How to Plan a Trip. Rifugio Prudenzini is a cosy hut in a beautiful landscape. There are several alte vie dolomite, the classic being the miles from the lake of Braies to the outskirts of Belluno. They make sure there is enough food, and a bed for every person. Alta Badia, with its lush nature, its centuries old culture, delicious cuisine and the warmth of its Ladin people, is the ideal holiday destination for connoisseurs.

Elevation gain: 6,m 22,'. Every summer Alex and I like to take one long backpacking trip. When we were in the planning process for 's trip I stumbled across some photos of the Dolomites. Alex and I had talked about this picturesque region before and we both mentioned our desire to visit it. It felt exactly like what we were looking for so I began researching hikes in the Dolomites.

PDF Trekking in the Dolomites: Alta Via 1 And Alta Via 2 With Alta Via Routes 3-6 In Outline

hike the alta via 1

Free 1st Class postage on UK orders. If you're not happy with your purchase for any reason, we'll give you a full refund. More information To get to the Alta Via 1 start at Lago di Braies, between 10 July and 10 September this year the shuttle bus from Villabassa needs to be prebooked — go to www. As well as being a Covid 19 precaution, the gorgeous lake has become very popular probably due to an Italian TV series filmed there Un passo dal cielo and gets far too busy. The local authorities are closing the road to private traffic and limiting visitor numbers with compulsory booking. At Malga Ciapela opposite the cable-car station by all means short cut across meadows down to join the narrow road - R - through the camping ground.

Walking guides - see all our background pages. The highest point reached by the standard route is 2,m 9,ft and the height gain on the route is around 6,m 21,ft. Optional sections with cables let the walker explore the steep rocky hillsides and tunnels, including the famous Galleria Lagazuoi. Towards the Southern end of the route, the character changes slightly as the massifs become more distinct. These latter stages are a bit more bold than the earlier ones. The general theme remains, but the 9th stage across the Cime de Zita is a full day in the open mountains. A final night is spent in an almost pastoral location yet still high in the mountains, just before Forcella la Varetta and the final roll down to the valley.

I have made reservations at 9 rifugios and am now searching for the correct Tobacco maps to order - ie. I'm not sure if this is the same one referred to above, but there is one i've foudn useful for our trip we're planning next year The pdf linked by 12 is indeed the most comprehensive guide to the Alta Via 1 available in the English language. It was written in by Italo Zandonella Callegher, a local mountaineer, and printed by the Belluno province tourist board. The Cicerone guidebook written by Gillian Price is also good, but quite frankly I would trust much more a guidebook written by a local who knows the area like the back of his hand. I am also wondering If It would be possible to also send me in: astrid.

Trekking guidebook for walking Alta Via routes 1 and 2 across the Italian Dolomites. The km AV1 is described over 11 day stages and is ideal for beginners.

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Alta Via 1 is a kilometre-long high-level public footpath which runs through the eastern Dolomites in Italy. It is also known as the Dolomite High Route 1. It passes through some of the finest scenery in the Dolomites. The path runs south from Pragser Wildsee , near Toblach , to Belluno. Prags can be accessed by bus, and Belluno has both train and bus services. This is the classic high route in the Dolomites, and also the easiest.

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Alta Via 1

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    Plain of Veneto that the Dolomites “Alta Via” n.2 reaches its end. The mountain left their mark on the region – walking along the “Alta Via” n. 2 is like hiking either the Plose mountain hut or from the Kreuz valley (see alternative route 1).