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pu model papers ma part 2 islam and philosophy pdf

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Arabic and Islamic Philosophy of Language and Logic

Arabic logic is a philosophical tradition which has lasted from the mid-eighth century down to today. For many years, western study of Arabic logic tended to concentrate on the early parts of its history, especially on the Greek antecedents of Arabic logic, and on the writings of the foundational philosophers, Alfarabi d. Recently, however, there have been notable excursions beyond these areas of traditional concentration, and I make a special effort in this entry to mention the contributions of post-twelfth-century logicians to the philosophical resolution of disputed points. Section 1 of this entry gives some historical context for a vast array of logical works, and section 2 provides a number of texts as samples of the philosophical arguments they contain. The philosophical assessment of the arguments is a task that is now underway in the secondary literature, and I refer to some of these assessments in the notes. My primary interest, however, is in presenting a set of texts which illustrate the trajectory of arguments carried on through a formative period of the discipline. The tradition gradually settled on a set of technical terms with which to translate and discuss the Aristotelian corpus and its associated late antique commentaries; it also came to agree on what were the major problems in the corpus which demanded resolution.

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Old, Solved and Guess Papers. Advertise Comments About Contact. Five compulsory subjects in first part and five subjects in second part with three compulsory and two optional subjects. Examinations are held according to annual year basis in Punjab University PU. Past papers papers are categorized here according to their subjects. Here is list of up-to-date papers.

Although he established a law practice after returning, he concentrated primarily on writing scholarly works on politics, economics, history, philosophy, and religion. He is best known for his poetic works, including Asrar-e-Khudi —which brought a knighthood — Rumuz-e-Bekhudi , and the Bang-e-Dara. Iqbal was a strong proponent of the political and spiritual revival of Islamic civilisation across the world, but in particular in South Asia; a series of lectures he delivered to this effect were published as The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam. A leader in the All India Muslim League , he envisioned—in his presidential address—a separate political framework for Muslims in British-ruled India. Iqbal's grandfather was an eighth cousin of Sir Tej Bahadur Sapru , an important lawyer and freedom fighter who would eventually become an admirer of Iqbal.

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M.A Part-2 Past papers

The book marks an important contribution to the existing literature on Muslim-Christian relations, not only due to its content, but also because it contributes to the process of redressing the current imbalance of input from the two faith communities on the subject and process of dialogue. Fitzgerald, Islamuchristiana. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide.

Islamic Philosophy and Occidental Phenomenology in Dialogue

University of Punjab Past Paper M. Bachelors Past Papers of Punjab University are available here.

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Она судорожно ловила ртом воздух, извиваясь в руках Хейла. Он хотел было отпустить ее и броситься к лифту Стратмора, но это было бы чистым безумием: все равно он не знает кода. Кроме того, оказавшись на улице без заложницы, он обречен. Даже его безукоризненный лотос беспомощен перед эскадрильей вертолетов Агентства национальной безопасности.


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