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sign and symptom of femur shaft fracture pdf 2016

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These authors equally contributed to this work and should be considered co-first authors. E-mail: ykleemd gmail.

Femoral shaft fractures are a common type of fracture among adults and have high union rates.

Pediatric Traumatology, Orthopaedics and Reconstructive Surgery

The definitive treatment of paediatric femoral diaphyseal fractures remains controversial. Modalities of treatment vary mostly according to age, with fracture pattern and site having a lesser impact. Current evidence is reflective of this variation with most evidence cited by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons being level 4 or 5. The authors present a review of the most up-to-date evidence relating to the treatment of these fractures in each age group. In an attempt to clarify the current trends, we have produced an algorithm for decision-making based on the experience from our own tertiary referral level 1 major trauma centre. Femoral fractures are among the most common fractures of long bones [ 1 ].

Current Concepts in Paediatric Femoral Shaft Fractures

The vascularized corticoperiosteal flap is harvested from the medial femoral condyle and it is nourished by the articular branch of the descending genicular artery and the superomedial genicular artery. This flap is usually harvested as a free flap for the reconstruction of bone defects at forearm, distal radius, carpus, hand, and recently at lower limb too. Case Report. A year-old Caucasian man referred to our department for hypertrophic nonunion of the distal femur, refractory to the conservative treatments. The first surgical choice was the revision of the nail and the bone reconstruction with a corticoperiosteal pedicled flap from the medial femoral condyle.

PDF | Diaphyseal femoral fractures are common and can present as isolated similar complication rate to polytrauma patients with unilateral.

Femoral shaft fracture

However, these are the most common pediatric fractures necessitating hospitalization and are associated with prolonged hospital stay, prolonged immobilization and impose a significant burden on the healthcare system as well as caregivers. In this paper, the authors present a comprehensive review of epidemiology, aetiology, classification and managemement options of pediatric femoral shaft fractures. These injuries often require prolonged immobilisation or surgery [ 1 ].

The use of traction for treatment of femoral shaft fractures remains common in low- and middle-income countries LMICs. The objective of this study is to systematically review the literature on outcomes of traction as definitive treatment for adult femoral shaft fractures in LMICs. Data on time spent in traction TT , length of stay LOS , time to partial weight bearing PWB , complication incidences, and a total complication incidence were recorded. Of the initial results, nine were eligible for analysis giving a total of unique patients with a mean age of The average time spent in traction was

Osteogenesis imperfecta OI is characterized by bone fragility and long bones deformities. Most studies are dedicated to surgical treatment of diaphyseal fractures. To our knowledge, there are no reports giving recommendations about surgical treatment of distal femur intraarticular fractures. Clinical case.

This is an open access article distributed under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution License. The femur is the longest bone and the major weight-bearing bone of the lower limbs in the human body. Femoral shaft fracture is one of the most common fractures in the clinic, accounting for

The management of paediatric diaphyseal femoral fractures: a modern approach

Background: Femoral shaft fractures result from high-energy trauma. Despite intramedullary nailing IMN representing the gold standard option of treatment, external fixation EF can be used temporarily for damage control or definitively. The purpose of this study is to compare two different options, anterograde IMN and monoaxial EF, for the treatment of femoral shaft fractures. For each group, sex; laterality; age; and AO classification type mean follow-up, mean union time, and complications were reported. In the IMN group the average surgery duration was The average time for bone union was Major complications occurred in 4 5.

Written and peer-reviewed by physicians—but use at your own risk. Read our disclaimer. A femoral shaft fracture is a fracture anywhere along the shaft or diaphysis of the femur. These fractures commonly occur in young males as a result of high-impact injuries e. Low-impact shaft fractures tend to occur in older patients with pre-existing osteopenia , who have fallen from a standing position. Femoral fractures typically present as a painfully swollen, tense thigh with restricted range of motion and signs of fracture e. Diagnosis is based on clinical examination findings and visualization of the fracture on plain radiographs.

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