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difference between core i3 i5 and i7 pdf

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The processor is the brain of a computer, but understanding the difference between processors requires a lot of brainpower of your own. Intel has a confusing naming scheme, and the question we get asked most often is: What's the difference between an i3, i5, or i7 processor? Which CPU should I buy? It's time to demystify that.

What is the difference between Intel Core™ i3, i5, i7 and i9 processors?

Rather than taking the traditional processor comparison route by showing you a bunch of benchmarks, game performance specs, etc. Although benchmarks are useful for hardcore gamers, they are pretty much useless for the average computer user. The first thing you may be wondering is if is now a good time to buy a PC with an Intel Core processor?

The answer is pretty much always yes, now would be a good time to get a computer with a Core series processor. Processors and Intel have a history of keeping product lines around for several years. Just look at their Core 2 Duo lineup as an example. Core 2 Duo processors first made their debut in mid Those processors were still being put out by manufactures in new systems till Also, in Intel has switched from the traditional tick-tock update cycle to the much slower three step process, architecture and optimization cycle.

Previously, every tock would be a major upgrade in terms of speed, efficiency and manufacturing. However, that has proved to be too hard now. The new cycle adds improvements and only every few years will we see major upgrades like going from 14nm to 10nm chips, etc. Intel gives each new update to its microprocessor architecture a codename. Wikipedia has a nice table here with all of the codenames and release dates. So, which processor should you buy?

The latest Skylake-X iXE with 18 cores and 36 threads or a simple Coffee Lake iK with 4 cores and one-tenth the cost of the i9? Well, it all depends on your needs and budget. The technology behind Core i3 processors includes dual core base, hyper threading support, and virtualization. Core i3 processors do support bit versions of Windows. In addition, this year is the first year that a Core i3 processor Coffee Lake will have 4 cores instead of 2.

Each core is basically like its own processor and the more cores you have, the more tasks a computer can do simultaneously. The other big difference between Core i3 and the higher versions is that Core i3 does not support turbo boost.

Turbo boost is the ability to overclock the processor beyond its base clock speed. Also, the latest Coffee Lake i3 processors have dropped hyper-threading. Should you buy a computer with a Core i3 processor? It depends. If you use your computer for basic tasks such as word processing, email, surfing the web, watching video, etc.

A Core i3 processor is a solid, affordable choice for most people. A step up from the Core i3, i5 processors will give you a noticeable difference in speed, depending on the type of applications that you run. If you are editing multiple files in Adobe Photoshop, you will notice the Core i5 can complete tasks faster. Technically, Core i5 processors are marketed a bit differently. There are three main types of Core i5 Processors: dual core, quad core and now six cores.

Dual core i5 processors have 32nm and 22nm technology, hyper threading support, virtualization support, and Turbo Boost technology. Quad core i5 processors have 45nm, 22nm or 14nm technology, virtualization support and Turbo Boost technology, but do not have hyper threading support.

The latest Coffee Lake i5 chips do not support hyper threading also, but have been bumped up to six cores, instead of four. Do the three types of Core i5 processors offer similar performance? However, for multi-threaded applications, the newest six core will have a significant advantage over the dual and quad core versions.

When purchasing an i5, be careful to note how many cores are in the processor. Should you buy a computer with a Core i5 processor? In most situations, a Core i5 is a safe bet if you can spend the extra cash. A Core i5 processor is a great, mid-range priced processor for people who use their computers frequently and often multi-task.

Next, we have the Intel Core i7 processor lineup. That is until Core i9 and Core X series chips. However, the Core i7 series is still quite expensive. The is difference is in the chipset.

Before Coffee Lake, the i7 series had quad core performance, virtualization support, hyper-threading, and Turbo Boost Technology. With Coffee Lake, we get a nice boost to six cores, just like i5, but i7 supports hyper threading, so we get a total of 12 threads. The main use for Core i7 processors is major multi-tasking, heavy multimedia tasks, top-notch gaming, and heavy computing tasks. You will see the benefits of an i7 when running a couple of virtual machines or while editing 4K or higher video in Premiere.

The i7 processors also have a larger on-board cache, which lets it perform repetitive tasks more efficiently. Larger caches also mean better multitasking performance.

Should you buy a computer with an i7 processor? It would be much smarter to go with something like an iK and spend the savings on a better graphics card or more RAM or even a faster SSD hard drive. However, if you occasionally perform CPU-intensive tasks or do 2K or 4K gaming, the i7 series is an excellent choice.

Last, but not least, we have the new Core i9 series of chips, which are a big change from the rest of the lineup. Firstly, all the i9 chips use the new LG socket, which require an Intel X chipset motherboard. The i9 series of chips is also the most powerful set of processors that Intel has released by far. The cheapest one has 10 cores, a huge L3 cache and costs about a grand right now. The highest end i9 has mind-boggling 18 cores 36 threads and will set you back about the price of a cheap used car.

All of the i9 processors are part of the Core-X series of processors also. There are also Core-X versions of Core i7 and Core i5 processors, though the i9 processors totally crush the i7 and i5 versions in benchmarks. Should you buy a computer with an i9 processor? Yes, if you want the coolest, fastest and most wicked computer you can own. Just be ready to put down some serious cash. Also, when you get a processor with such high specs, it only makes sense if all the other components are high-end too.

However, every purchase is a balance between cost and performance. My recommendation is to use a site like CPUBenchmark to get details about each processor you are considering.

Use this tool along with your budget and needs to determine the best processor to purchase. Founder of Help Desk Geek and managing editor. He began blogging in and quit his job in to blog full-time. He has over 15 years of industry experience in IT and holds several technical certifications.

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Comparison Charts for Intel® Core™ Laptop Processor Family

The synergy between mult-core processors achieved in Intel core i3, i5 and i7 is what sets them ahead of the rest of the pack. Here is an i3 i5 i7 comparison which discusses how the three processor lines differ in terms of features and performance. Intel Core i3 i5 i7 Comparison: Technical Features Let us have a look at the technical points of difference between i3, i5, i7 processors. Let's start with the entry level processor line released in January All the core i3 processors have twin core with clocking frequency ranging from 2. All these chips are built on a 32 nm architecture which ensures that more transistors can be etched on the silicon chips.

Every computer has a processor and the processor is the brain of the computer. Intel Core processors are among the best you can buy, but choosing which of the 3 i3, i5 and i7 different models best suits your needs can be confusing. Generally speaking a Core i3, i5 or i7 that has a newer architecture is faster than the older-architecture processor that it replaces. Different processor families have different characteristics that determine their levels of efficiency. The more cores there are, the more tasks known as threads can be served at the same time.

Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 — the difference in a nutshell. The short version here is that Intel Core i7 processors are usually better than Intel Core i5 processors.


Intel Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 CPUs have been around for a few years now, but some buyers still get stumped whenever they attempt to build their own systems and are forced to choose among the three. With the most recent 10 th Generation Ice Lake architecture now available in notebooks that are on store shelves and 'Rocket Lake' CPUs expected to follow in , history looks set to repeat itself. There's likely to be a whole new wave of consumers asking the same kind of questions that get raised every time Intel refreshed their CPU lineup.

Rather than taking the traditional processor comparison route by showing you a bunch of benchmarks, game performance specs, etc. Although benchmarks are useful for hardcore gamers, they are pretty much useless for the average computer user. The first thing you may be wondering is if is now a good time to buy a PC with an Intel Core processor?

Ever wondered which chipset is best for your requirements? Which is more compatible with your needs? One should look beyond the Core i branding and check the number of cores, Clock Speed, Turbo Boost and Hyper-Threading to truly understand the magnitude of power it generates. Different processor families have different levels of efficiency, so how much they get done with each clock cycle is more important than the GHz number itself.

Although Intel's naming convention is generally a lot better and less confusing than it used to be, it can be difficult to work out exactly which processor suits your needs. If you're struggling to work out the differences between the Core i3, i5 and i7, don't worry, as we'll explain everything for you.

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