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list of strong acids and bases pdf

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Overview of Acids and Bases

Acids are proton donors. They are corrosive to eyes, skin, and mucous membranes. Acid corrosion or burning of tissue is a function of both the pH and the capacity of the particular anions to combine with protein. In contrast to burns from strong bases, acid burns are immediately painful due in part to the formation of a protein layer that resists further penetration of the acid. The pH range of acids is 0 to 6. A pH of approximately 0 to 3 represents a strong acid. Some inorganic acids fall within this range.

In this chapter learners will look at acids and bases. In Grade 11 learners were introduced to a lot of the concepts that are expanded on in this chapter. These include acid and base models and definitions, conjugate acid-base pairs, and some basic acid-base reactions. It is important that the learners have a good understanding of the work covered in Chapter 8 , specifically equilibrium constants, before studying this chapter. New concepts related to acids and bases will also be covered in this chapter. These include pH, more in depth information on titrations and indicators, and real world applications of acids and bases. This section is largely revision from Grade

List of Strong and Weak Acids

Essentially, none of the non-ionized acid HA remains. Examples of strong acids and bases are given in the table below. A weak acid or a weak base only partially dissociates. At equilibrium, both the acid and the conjugate base are present in solution. Examples of weak acids and bases are given in the table below. Two key factors that contribute to the ease of deprotonation are the polarity of the H—A bond and the size of atom A, which determines the strength of the H—A bond.

Strong and weak acids are key concepts in chemistry. Strong acids completely dissociate into their ions in water, while weak acids incompletely dissociate. There are only a few strong acids, but many weak acids. Strong acids completely dissociate in water into their ions and produce one of more protons or hydrogen cations per molecules. Mineral or inorganic acids tend to be strong acids. There are only 7 common strong acids.

Figure Dissolving of an acid or base in water as a Brønsted- list, the reaction proceeds to Figure A The extent of dissociation for strong acids.

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Acids and bases that are completely ionized when dissolved in water are called strong acids and strong bases There are only a few strong acids and bases, and everyone should know their names and properties. These acids are often used in industry and everyday life. The concentrations of acids and bases are often expressed in terms of pH, and as an educated person, you should have the skill to convert concentrations into pH and pOH. Solution The density of such a solution is needed before we can calculate the pH.

Strong and weak acids are important to know both for chemistry class and for use in the lab. There are very few strong acids, so one of the easiest ways to tell strong and weak acids apart is to memorize the short list of strong ones. Any other acid is considered a weak acid. There are only 7 common strong acids. Examples of ionization reactions include:.

There are three major classifications of substances known as acids or bases. This theory was developed by Svante Arrhenius in Later, two more sophisticated and general theories were proposed. The Lewis theory is discussed elsewhere.

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    TABLE OF STRONG ACIDS. Completely Ionized in Water to Give One (or more) Protons per Acid Molecule. HI. H. +. (aq) + I. -. (aq). HBr. H. +. (aq) + Br. -. (aq).

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    Page 1. HCl - hydrochloric acid. HNO3 - nitric acid. H2SO4 - sulfuric acid. HBr - hydrobromic acid. HI - hydroiodic acid. HClO4 - perchloric acid.

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