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difference between magnetic disk and magnetic tape pdf

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Definition : Backing storage devices are hardware that is used to store the programs and data that the computer can access. Unlike RAM or working memory the contents of backing storage will not be lost when power to the computer system is turned off.

Storage Systems

Magnetic tape and magnetic disk both stores the data magnetically. The surface of a magnetic tape and the surface of a magnetic disk are covered with a magnetic material which helps in storing the information magnetically. Both are non-volatile storage. Despite these similarities both differs in many aspects from their appearance to their working, their cost and much more. The basic difference between magnetic tape and magnetic disk is that magnetic tape is used for backups whereas, magnetic disk are used as secondary storage. Let us discuss some more differences between magnetic tape and magnetic disk with the help of comparison chart shown below.

Difference Between Magnetic Tape and Magnetic Disk

Magnetic Tapes and Magnetic Disks are the types of magnetic memory. Both are called non-volatile storage and used for store data. Magnetic tape contains thin plastic ribbon is used for storing data. It is a sequential access memory. It is mainly used for data backups.

Magnetic disk

However, many organisations, such as your school or an office, need to back up large volumes of data each day. Large organisations who need to back up their systems daily tend to use magnetic tapes to store their data. Magnetic tapes can store up to one terabyte of uncompressed data - as much as can be stored on a hard disk. Magnetic tape uses 'serial access' to find a piece of data. This means that to find a specific piece of data, the tape reader has to start at the beginning of the tape and continue fast forwarding until it gets to the piece of data that needed.

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Auxiliary storage.. Type of Access. Auxiliary Storage Devices.


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