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It may seem a little unnecessary for yet more words to be written about the long and short-term in marketing given Les Binet and Peter Field have literally already written the book on it 1. There are irresistible pressures pulling marketers towards the short term 3. Google, Facebook, Amazon and other platforms have given millions of businesses of every size and type, easy, self-service access to a giant direct response advertising eco-system 4.

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The Long and the Short of It: Balancing Short and Long-Term Marketing Strategies

This is the forward to the second edition of The Long and the Short It, which is due to be published December 1st and is available for pre-order from the SHOP on this website. To reform your financial affairs, the only person I need to persuade is you. When a Child is Born A jump back to to witness the coronation of William the Conqueror goes slightly astray. The first edition was written in , as the global financial crisis was unfolding, and published in early Brevity may be the soul of wit, but it is also much more.

The Wrong and the Short of it

Gene-specific repression of transcription plays a central role in gene regulation. This is true for the spatial control of gene activity in development, during which boundaries of gene expression are often determined by the spatially restricted localization or activity of transcriptional repressors Mannervik et al. It is also true for the control of gene expression by extracellular signals, in which genes are often maintained in an off state by repressor proteins until signal transduction alleviates the repression e. One of the most useful ways of categorizing repressors is according to whether they mediate long-range or short-range repression Gray and Levine b. In long-range repression, a repressor makes a promoter resistant to the influence of all enhancers, even if those enhancers are located thousands of base pairs from the repressor binding site.

Yesterday evening I attended an event to launch new research by the IPA, the UK ad agency trade body — in association with Thinkbox, which represents the UK commercial TV sector —examining the differences between emotional and rational campaigns and their short and long-term effects on marketing strategy. And the authors found there is a recipe for advertising effectiveness, but the choice of ingredients will determine whether a brand achieves short-term or long-term effects. As such, the findings suggest that loyalty marketing is not profitable marketing. The trend for big data marketing strategies was also challenged by the authors. As Field put it, "if you measure success over the short term, as big data will push you to do, you will select marketing and communication strategies that deliver best results in the short term: unfortunately these will not deliver best long-term results and in many important ways will undermine long-term success". This suggests that campaigns based on big data emphasise the quick sell and ignore the benefits of building long-term relationships with consumers.

Effectiveness measured in terms of effects, not prizes. – 'Annualised ESOV efficiency' relates share growth p.a. to. ESOV: the primary measure of efficiency. –​.

Sales promotion: The long and the short of it

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Presentation: The long and short of it

A video series featuring insights from Goldman Sachs on topics that are on the minds of our clients. What if there was a way to make clinical trials faster, cheaper and more successful? Robert P.

Transcriptional repression: the long and the short of it

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    This article presents a framework for organizing and discussing how sales promotion affects sales and how to use this framework to delineate major generalizations and to identify issues in need of resolution.

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    Analysis of IPA cases over 30 years. • Covers brands in 83 categories. • Identifies the ingredients for effectiveness, over the short and long term.

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