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Surveys properties of social networks and the semantic web, suggests that social network analysis applies to semantic content, argues that semantic content is more searchable if social network metadata is merged with semantic web metadata. The use of social network metadata will alter semantical searches from being random with respect to source to direct with respect to source, which will increase the accuracy of search results.

Social Semantic Web

Posted November 13, by Jana Herwig. Jennifer Golbeck, Matthew Rothstein. Social networking is a large movement on the web, and social networking data using the Friend of a Friend FOAF vocabulary makes up a significant portion of all data on the Semantic Web. While this is by far the largest source of FOAF online, there is no information about whether the social network models from each network overlap to create a larger unified social network model, or whether they are simply isolated components. In this paper, we present a study of the intersection of FOAF data found in many online social networks. Using the semantics of the FOAF ontology and applying Semantic Web reasoning techniques, we show that a significant percentage of profiles can be merged from multiple networks.

Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Social Networks and the Semantic Web Abstract: A formal, web-based representation of social networks is both a necessity in terms of infrastructure as well as a prominent application for the Semantic Web. In this paper we present three advances in exploiting the opportunity of semantically-enriched network data: 1 an ontology for the representation of social networks and relationships 2 a hybrid system for online data acquisition that combines traditional web mining techniques with the collection of Semantic Web data 2 a case study highlighting some of the possible analysis of this data using methods from Social Network Analysis, the branch of sociology concerned with relational data. Article :. Need Help?

We are not just building the Web any more: we are on it. The latest set of applications have transformed the Web from a mere document collection into a social space: the new services developed under the banner of Web 2. At the same time, documents and other forms of content are not only up- and downloaded any more, but actively exchanged, filtered, organized and discussed in groups of all sizes. While the pace of change is dizzying, investigating this complex social-technological system is paramount to our ability of designing intelligent information systems that can guide us through the new online universe. Social Networks and the Semantic Web combines the concepts and the methods of two fields of investigation, which together have the power to aid in the analysis of the social Web and the design of a new class of applications that combine human intelligence with machine processing. Social Network Analysis and the emerging Semantic Web are also the fields that stand to gain most from the new Web in achieving their full potential.

Social Networks and the Semantic Web

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. This article investigates several well-known social network applications such as Last. View Paper. Save to Library. Create Alert.

Front Matter Pages I-XIII PDF · Introduction to the Semantic Web and Social Networks Front Matter Pages PDF · Web data and semantics in social network.

Social Networks and the Semantic Web

As the first generation of this technology transitions out of the laboratory, new research is exploring how the growing Web of Data will change our world. Whether they be scientists, engineers or practitioners, Web users increasingly need to understand not just the new technologies of the Semantic Web, but to understand the principles by which those technologies work, and the best practices for assembling systems that integrate the different languages, resources, and functionalities that will be important in keeping the Web the rapidly expanding, and constantly changing, information space that has changed our lives. Sign in to personalize your visit. New user?

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New Generation of Social Networks Based on Semantic Web Technologies

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Semantic networks and social networks

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    The concept of the Social Semantic Web subsumes developments in which social interactions on the Web lead to the creation of explicit and semantically rich knowledge representations.

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    Building Semantic Web. Applications with social network features. TEXT BOOKS: 1. Thinking on the Web - Berners Lee, Godel and Turing, Wiley inter science.

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