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Jump to navigation. Which applications and consequences are part of psychological testing? Topic 1A: The nature and uses of psychological testing.

Psychological Assessment

NCBI Bookshelf. Psychological Testing in the Service of Disability Determination. Psychological assessment contributes important information to the understanding of individual characteristics and capabilities, through the collection, integration, and interpretation of information about an individual Groth-Marnat, ; Weiner, Such information is obtained through a variety of methods and measures, with relevant sources determined by the specific purposes of the evaluation. Sources of information may include.

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Essentials of Examination System: Evaluation Tests and Measurement

Much of the health service psychology and broader mental healthcare world has rallied in recent weeks to adapt clinical practice to the necessary physical distancing constraints of the COVID crisis. The bulk of clinical services, largely based on verbal interaction between the client and service provider, has moved to a distributed and distance service delivery model, largely relying on online teleconferencing technology to continue face-to-face contact with consumers clients, parents, schools, etc. However, the situation is more challenging with assessment services that have standardized administration procedures that require in-person contact. Most current and emerging telehealth guidelines largely focus on psychotherapy and, as such, tele-assessment guidance is necessary. In response to the need for physical distancing and isolation requirements, test publishers have started to modify their service delivery options, such as the ability to use remote testing options for example, emailing a link to the testing interface to the respondent or presenting stimuli over their remote testing platforms. However, multiple types of assessment, including cognitive, neuropsychological and autism assessment, are disproportionately burdened by the current physical distancing, limited contact, and stay-at-home constraints.

Essentials Of Testing And Assessment: A Practical Guide For Counselors, Social Workers, And Psychologists PDF Download, Free Download Essentials Of.

Psychological Assessment

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This book provides a detailed survey and in-depth analysis of crucial issues relating to examinations, evaluation and measurement, including testing at the school and college level. Aspects like smooth conduct of examinations, setting of good question papers, balanced provision of different forms of questions, marking scheme, moderation and scaling of examination results, grades and marks, multiple set of question papers, question banks, open book examination system, internal evaluation, semester system and classroom testing etc. Login Invalid login details. Register For New Account. Forgot Password Invalid Email Id.

3.1 Clinical Assessment

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Guidance on psychological tele-assessment during the COVID-19 crisis

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